RIPE87 Local Hub Bruges

Attendee List

Full Name Organization ASN(s) Days Checked In
Mike Marchal MikeNetworks BV
AS199839 28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx MikeNetworks BV
AS199839 28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx Datacenter United
Team DCStar 
AS42160 28/11 - 29/11 ×
xxxxx xxxxx Independent
28/11 - 29/11
Kris De Rocker ROKR Services BV
AS210890 28/11 - 29/11 ×
Jori Vanneste Independent
AS212123 AS209718 28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx Independent
28/11 - 29/11
Nico Declerck Howest + BiASC
(BE IT Academy Support Center) 
xxxxx xxxxx Navice Communications
AS38230 28/11 - 29/11 ×
xxxxx xxxxx howest
28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx Howest
28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx Howest
28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx Howest
28/11 - 29/11
xxxxx xxxxx Howest
28/11 ×

Note: this list does not update realtime and some attendees prefer to have their name hidden.


Important Registration Information

  • To maintain the integrity and availability of the event, we request that you promptly cancel your registration if you are unable to attend. This allows us to free up space for other interested attendees.
  • If you need to cancel your registration, you can do so using the link provided in your confirmation email.
  • All registrations are initially provisional and only become final upon receipt of a confirmation email from us. If you don't receive a confirmation email, it's likely because the event has reached its maximum capacity. In such cases, you will automatically be placed on a waiting list. Should space become available, we will contact you to confirm your ability to attend. Please note that entrance to the venue will require validation of your confirmation code.
  • Free WiFi will be available at the venue, connectivity will be provided via AS42160.
  • Details regarding food availability for lunch and breakfast are yet to be decided. We will notify you via email as soon as these details are confirmed.
  • If you intend to participate only for a specific portion of the day, please indicate this in the 'Notes' section during registration. This enables us to optimize space availability for the remainder of the event.
  • If you plan to engage with the RIPE87 webcast, please also register online for RIPE87 at this link.
  • Even if the RIPE87 Local Hub event is at full capacity, you can still take part in the datacenter tour. To register exclusively for the tour, visit MikeNetworks Events. Note that registering double for both the main event and the datacenter tour is permitted.
  • Your name, AS numbers, and company affiliation will be publicly listed on our attendee list. Rest assured, your email and phone number will remain confidential. You can also hide your name via the manage your attendance link.
  • Though there is no formal dress code for the event, we kindly ask that you dress appropriately.
  • We adhere to the same code of conduct as the main RIPE87 event. For any concerns, please report to or reach out to Mike Marchal onsite. The code of conduct can be found at this link.
  • Interested in assisting with the organization of this event? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us through the channels listed below.
  • For any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us via Discord, Telegram, or call us at +3212465558.

Meeting Registration

Examples for notes: 'I can only attend between 9h-10h', 'I'm planning not to eat food at all', 'Allergies: nuts', 'Vegetarian', etc.